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Have you ever wondered whether you were suited to your sport? Or, what sport you would be best suited to?

Well, this is what Biomechanical Sports Screening is all about.
With these two pieces of vital information available we can build a treatment and training plan that will envelop, not only a body re-balance component but one specific to your body and your chosen sport.

The ultimate objective is to create a super efficient body that can transfer all of its strength and power through the body with relative ease, improving performance and hugely  reducing the risk of injury.
Then, through a series of tests, we assess your technique and posture during rest and movement to develop a profile of muscle strength and flexibility imbalances.
A thorough body composition screen and Somatotype assessment allows us to analyse your specific body type, giving an insight into the type of body that is necessary to cope with the demands of your chosen sport.

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