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Posture Re-balance is a highly advanced and bespoke form of training helping you to address the body’s tightness and restriction that has built up through everyday stresses and strains throughout your working and sporting life. It can be hugely useful to everyone, particularly those suffering with back, neck and shoulder problems.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of the muscular-skeletal system we can highlight those problem areas and develop a customised re-balancing exercise programme aiming to unravel the body’s asymmetries.

The issues highlighted in your analysis may be related to tightness or poor tissue quality shown through knots in the tissue, caused by poor posture, injury and the impact of sport or repetitive overuse of certain muscles.

Our in-depth analysis takes place in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Standing Postural Examination & Gait Analysis
Using a plumb line and mirrors, this stage of the assessment looks at the basic structure and alignment of the body in a standing position. This allows us to understand how your body works, giving an initial insight into the over and under use of certain muscles and the alignment of pressure through the joints.

Stage 2: Static & Dynamic Stability Testing
This stage involves numerous tests, assessing mobility, stability, flexibility and strength in stable and unstable, static and dynamic environments.

Stage 3: Soft Tissue Analysis
The third stage of the assessment is a palpation analysis of the soft tissue of the body. This part of the process allows us to analyse pressure placed on the body by overuse or increased tension in the ligaments, tendons or connective tissue. The conclusions drawn from this stage determine the best course of action to prevent current or potential injury caused by long-term pressure at the joints.


Having assembled a complete picture of your body’s posture we can then address the mobility, flexibility and strength imbalances using a combination of massage, advance stretching techniques and specific strengthening exercises.


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